• Agency: Dentsu Amsterdam (LOOK)
  • Role: Concept / Art Direction / Design
  • Year: 2008
  • URL: N/A

How do you reinvent a product that has a reputation for being complicated, expensive and boring?

We discovered that the freedom people felt with digital still photography was not present with video recording, so we started the Freecording movement to encourage spontaneity and imagination in video recording.

The campaign became the first ‘collaborative initiative’ by Canon and the first campaign in the category to become a movement owned by the target audience, who came together online to share their own Freecording videos, watch and comment on other people’s videos, and exchange ideas about using video more creatively.

The movement spread organically from Western Europe to other regions and markets, and from the Canon site to other online platforms like Flickr. The Guardian newspaper ran multiple Freecording competitions, while local communities provided large amounts of inspiring content - in Germany they even built skateparks and held outdoor film festivals, all in the name of Freecording.

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